Umdingi Safaris

Packing for your Fishing Safari

Packing for your Fishing Safari

Light weight clothing (UV if you can source it, most out door retailers will sell this now)

Long sleeves are recommended for the hot African sun


 Water shoes anything that you are comfortable in

 Wide brim hat / Cap

Sun block

Polarized Sunglasses

A finger sleeve, personal preference (the Tiger are ferocious)


As far as we are concerned the Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus vittatus), is the best pound for pound fresh water fighting fish on the planet. For this reason Tiger Fishing as a recreational sport within Africa has become more and more popular over the years.

Conventional Fishing Tackle

Rod - Shimano Beast Master 7"; Mega Force Tiger Tamer or any Medium to Heavy rod you are happy with

Reel - Dependant on your rod of choice the reel is as important and should match up with the rod.

        - Spinning reels - 2500, 3000 different brands and these days alot of them are of a very good quality - Shimano, Okuma, Daiwa

        - Baitrunners - 3000 or 4000  in the Shimano, Penn and Abu Garcia but to name a few brands

       - Bait caster - Abu Garcia Revo STX, Daiwa Tatula or Shimano 200B / 200HG, again there are many options to choose from and prices to suit all  budgets

Lures - Possibly the best lure of would be the Copper Effzett, bring a couple different sizes 16g up to 22g, this could help in differnt fishing conditions, or if you want the Effzett                to sink faster, or further casting ability, this spoon must have a single 2/0 or 3/0 as opposed to the trebble.

      - Floating Magnum Rapalas, 9cm or 11cm, with a few colour options (Redhead, Goldfish, Firetiger, Silver makrel)

      - X Rap Shads, 6cm - with a few colour options (Redhead, Goldfish, Firetiger, Silver makrel, clown)

Fishing Line and Trace Wire - 15lb to 25lb Mono in green or 15lb to 30lb Braid with 30lb trace wire

Fly Fishing Tackle

Rod - we recommend an 8wt or a 9wt Rod of your choosing as with the conventional choices there are an abundance of Rods currently on the market

Reel - A large arbor reel to suit your choice of rod. 

Line - Again the line should match the rod weight with a Sinking and Intermidiate line. We also recommended having both line types with a spare of each just incase. A 150m to             200m dacron backing is an absolute must. As and when a 15lb plus Tiger takes that fly the fly line alone will not be enough to slow the fish down.

Leader and Tippet - 25lb Mono line with 30lb or 40lb piano wire. 

Flies - Clousers, Minnows and Brush flies - there are an enourmous amount of sizes and colours in just these three fly types. Dark colours - Red/Black; Grey/Purple; Olive/Grey               etc any Decent Fly Shop shoud be able to point you in the correct direction, else email ahead and we can organise these flies for you in advance!